Friday, January 05, 2007

Intro from Tennessee

Given the unusually warm weather we're having here in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains it seems only fitting that I'm knitting a *garden* shawl. My apologies to Miriam and all the snow that's falling in Utah. I used to live in Salt Lake City and I know about the long, snowy winters. I don't miss them one bit!

I'm delighted to be joining ya'll but I have a confession to make. I cheated. Yup, cheated! I bought my pattern for the Hidcote Garden Shawl last November and I knit on it for a couple of weeks before putting it aside to knit Christmas presents. I have recused myself from the prize race, so those who started legally have nothing to worry about. I'm knitting my shawl out of ColourMart 2/28 laceweight cashmere in a dusty aqua blue colorway using US 5 Addi-turbo needles. I've finished the 1st lace section and am currently on Chart 6 Row 13. The transition between lace patterns required a bit more concentration but was not difficult. Miriam's charts are very detailed and easy to follow which is great for less-experienced lace knitters. I have a few pictures on my blog if you want to take a peek.

Best wishes!
aka Kristina in Knoxville, TN, USA


Blogger KarenK said...

Ooh, I saw a very small picture of that shawl on the colourmart web site, so it's a treat to be able to see a larger view of it - it's lovely! did you prewash your cashmere? Looking forward to seeing more of it as you progress. I'm only just now starting Chart 4, so I really appreciate words of advice from those who are further ahead. Thanks for the post.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

I cheated too! I started my shawl back in October, but I haven't touched it since.

Your shawl is looking just fabulous, BTW. I love that colour! :-)

3:20 PM  
Blogger beadntat said...

Thanks for your nice comments! The color is really much prettier in person, I promise. The cashmere is so nice to knit with. I'm using it right off the cone which makes it very easy to knit with but I did wash and block my swatch before proceeding with the shawl so I knew what to expect down the road. Prewashing ColourMart cashmere is really not necessary.

8:58 PM  
Blogger allie said...

Kristina, I also live in Knoxville! That's very interesting. I'm still waiting for my yarn to arrive so I can begin, but I started Miriam's Icarus for New Year. My first lace, so I am struggling a bit, but am hoping to have a little more practice under my belt once I begin the Hidcote!! Yours looks great BTW, it's absolutely beautiful.

1:36 AM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

Cashmere... I am truly envious. What a lovely garden color.

10:13 AM  

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