Saturday, January 06, 2007

Small celebration

Chart #3 is done! Time for the happy dance, becase I didn't have to ask for help on this chart. Miriam and Sallee bailed me out on the last two charts-- Thanks!! My most frequent error so far is when there is a YO next to a CDD, to scoop the yo up by accident and PSSO with the other stitches.
Also sometimes the yarn catches on the join of the needles. It rolls two stitches together, and when I do the WS rows I try to p 2 tog instead of separately. This might be the fault of the cheap needles which I chose because they were available when I was looking, and I didn't order any better ones.

My family is starting to get growly about the hours I'm spending knitting, instead of cooking and cleaning for them. I think I have DH convinced it's "just until I get the shawl done". I explained about the KAL but he finally just got it last night. ("oh, you mean a bunch of you are making the same thing. It's a race") If he thinks I could possibly be competitive in any speed contest he's dreaming, but its a reason he can understand to spend lots and lots of time knitting.



Blogger Cheryl said...

Congrats...I am just through chart 2....wish I had planned a vacation to sit and knit, LOL. I am thinking the tree can stay up a day or two longer, perhaps until I am into chart 4. I will never win the race, too many waterstops..

6:12 PM  
Blogger Sue J. said...

Anne, what part of Wy are you in? We are soon to move to Cody, and I'm looking for knitters there.
Sue J.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Anne in Wy said...

Sue, I am 6 hours south of Cody, between Cheyenne and Casper. I will try to contact you off list.

6:10 PM  
Blogger ~Sherie~ said...

Congrats! That's great. I had to take mine to the frog pond and will be starting all over!

7:28 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

A race! Well you certainly have me beat... though I have had a few similar problems. I am using Crystal Palace bamboo circs, and though I love the points for laceknitting, I am hating having to "help" my stitches over the joins. All that extra rolling helps to separate them though. My spinning enabler, Stephanie, who just started the 12 photos for 2007 KAL, lives in Cheyenne, Anne, her blog is titled "Unwind".

10:12 AM  

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