Sunday, February 04, 2007

Probably short of yarn

I'm not very good at math, but my struggling attempts to figure out how far I was in the shawl when I ran out of my first skein of yarn indicate that I am 23% done with the shawl but have used 25% of my yarn. I did start a little short of yardage, as in about 100 yards short, so I shouldn't be surprised. I guess when I get down to the last pattern I will just leave out some of †he leafy looking things. I don't want to mess with the diamond design.

I also tried to calculate the halfway point of the shawl. I think it is around the end of chart 7. Has anyone else with better math skills figured this out? Since I am just starting chart 6 and we are past the halfway point of the KnitALong, I suspect that not only will I run out of yarn but I will run out of time.

But do I care? Hah! I think I will reward myself for all this equanimity with one of those chart keepers like Alison got.

(Kookoo for cocopuffs! Kookoo for cocopuffs!)


Blogger Birdsong said...

Just keep in mind that this isn't a race... it takes as long as it takes and you still get a lovely shawl to wear... that said, I haven't done much chartreading since I got the flu and am behind almost everyone!

10:38 PM  

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