Saturday, March 17, 2007

Slow starter

I am still only on chart #2 =( I have a bad habit of dozing off when I knit in the evening, therefore I have lost stitiches So for me, I don't work on this shawl if I am the tiniest bit tired, which I usually am in the evening. I just stick with my dishcloths in the evening, so if I drop stitches it not a big deal to recover....if you know what I mean.
Anyway for those that are finished, congratulations, your shawls are beautiful, they do inspire me to keep on going, and I will.

I do have a few questions though, someone had mentioned an errata sheet, where do I go to pick this up?

How many ring markers did you end up needing to use? just being on the chart #2 I have used up a pkg of 20 already. What do others use? At $3.99 a pkg this could become very expensive.

Appreciate your help,

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I finished the shawl on Tuesday and I'm very happy with the finished product. I used Jaggerspun Zephyr in Sage on Size 3US Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles.

I started this shawl way back on October 15, 2006 when the Hawaiian Islands experienced an earthquake over the coast of the Big Island. The island I live on, O'ahu, experienced an island wide power outage. I couldn't work on the shawl I had on the needles at the time, because I couldn't see the stitches without my OTT light. When power was restored later that night, I put it away and didn't take it back out for several months.

I have mixed feelings now that I finally finished it as I had so much fun knitting, I almost wished the party would never end. At the same time I am incredibly happy with the finished result. I also had a great time with this knit-along and I hope to continue my time with you all even though my shawl is done.

the Akamai Knitter

Finally Got Her Blocked

I finally received my blocking wires in the mail and found the courage (and the time) to get down in the floor and block my Hidcote Shawl. Wow, she is a beauty! This is such a great pattern! I was especially pleased with the texture of the top section of lace--the light just danced off the shawl.

This was my first experience with blocking wires and there is a knack to working with them, like picking up enough strands of the yarn so that you can stretch the points out without fear. I managed to grab only one strand on a point and my cashmere yarn snapped. Yikes! But all was not lost and I successfully made the repair the following day once the shawl was dry.

I was surprised to find that after washing, fluffing the cashmere in the dryer, and blocking the final size of my shawl was the same as the pattern-44x90" I used needles that were one size larger than recommended and my unwashed/unblocked size was quite a bit larger so getting the exact final size was unexpected. I guess that's why cashmere needs to be fluffed up :-)

As usual, there are more pictures and ramblings on on my blog
It's been great fun knitting along with ya'll!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Closing In

Last night I finished chart #7! I am enjoying Hidcote and don't care that is eleventybillion stitches across a row. It's fascinating to watch the pattern change and evolve....I'm easily entertained. I hope to get through the last three charts this week and have a finished Hidcote this weekend. I'm using Zephyr Silk/wool in Vanilla and love the way the fiber feels and knits.