Saturday, March 17, 2007

Slow starter

I am still only on chart #2 =( I have a bad habit of dozing off when I knit in the evening, therefore I have lost stitiches So for me, I don't work on this shawl if I am the tiniest bit tired, which I usually am in the evening. I just stick with my dishcloths in the evening, so if I drop stitches it not a big deal to recover....if you know what I mean.
Anyway for those that are finished, congratulations, your shawls are beautiful, they do inspire me to keep on going, and I will.

I do have a few questions though, someone had mentioned an errata sheet, where do I go to pick this up?

How many ring markers did you end up needing to use? just being on the chart #2 I have used up a pkg of 20 already. What do others use? At $3.99 a pkg this could become very expensive.

Appreciate your help,


Blogger Anne in Wy said...

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Blogger Anne in Wy said...

The first time I tried to post this, it had some stuff in it that didn't belong. sorry. I copied and pasted the part I meant to post.

Cindy, I used a heavy crochet thread (probably knit-cro-sheen) for stitch markers. I just tied a loop the right size in the string, and cut the tail fairly close to the loop. It is so cheap to buy a whole ball, and mine was left-over. So you don't have to fiddle with very short pieces, just take a big length and then trim it. I tried yarn, but it got fuzzy after a few rows. I left the center stitches marked with yarn, so it was different from the regular repeats. It made it easier to keep my spot.
Later, you have rows where you have to either go without stitch markers or else take them out on the right side and put them back on the wrong side. That is what I did, put them back in each time. The string stuck onto the yarn of the shawl, so mostly they didn't fall. When I needed to take them out I just pushed them off the needle, then I could pick them back off the surface of the shawl when I did the purl row. If they fell on the floor and were lost, I vaccuumed them up easily and just made more as I needed them.
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Blogger Cindy said...

Thanks Anne,
Thats a great idea, its so simple!!

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